Celebrating 50 Years of Sindbad Actes-Sud

2 October, 2023 - 22 October, 2023

Sindbad, the prestigious imprint of the French publishing house Actes-Sud has done more to bring Arabic literature to a French speaking audience than any other publishing house.

This exhibition - organized by the French Institute of Lebanon for its second edition of "Beyrouth Livres" - celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sindbad, the independent publishing house that did so much to bring Arabic authors to a French audience. Founded in 1972 by maverick publisher Pierre Bernard and managed by no less impressive Farouk Mardam Bey for Actes-Sud since 1995, it has translated over 500 books: novels, poetry collections, essays but also cook books and kids literature. Everyone from Naguib Mafhouz to Mahmoud Darwich and Jabbour Douaihy.
Aside from tracing the key moments in the story of this one of a kind publishing house, the exhibition gives a voice to Sindbad's translators, including Stéphanie Dujols, Rania Samara and Antoine Jockey, who share insights into their work and mission.

A panel discussion with Farouk Mardam Bey, Mathias Enard and Marie Tawk discussing Arabic-French translation will take place on October 4 at 6.30pm at the Charles Corm Foundation.

The exhibition is open to the public 2-8 October from 10AM to 6PM and to schools and universities until October 22 by appointment. Email hello@fondationcharlescorm.org

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