First Edition of the "Biodiversity according to Charles Corm" Art Competition

26 December, 2022 - 27 January, 2023

The Charles Corm Foundation invites all the students who have participated in the first edition of our art competition "Biodiversity according to Charles Corm" as well as their friends and family and the public at large to come and see the fabulous art work produced for the occasion.

Découvrir le concours
Over a hundred works of art produced by students from the ages of 11 to 18 are on show at the Charles corm Foundation. These are inspired by 32 poems from Charles Corm's "Petite Cosmogonie Sentimentale" (1949-59). Students from schools across the country were invited to illustrate these poems in the media of their choice.
A perfect occasion to visit the incredible house and admire the students impressive art works.
The exhibition runs from Dec 26 to 30 and from Jan 2 to 7.

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