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The Archives

A hefty corpus of archives, ranging from books and letters to periodicals, historical documents and original manuscripts form the rich archives accumulated by Charles Corm over the course of his life. Together, they offer a lively window onto Lebanon's cultural, economic and political activity in the first half of the twentieth century.

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The Lebanese Friendships

In 1935, Charles Corm founded the Lebanese Friendships, a program of talks with leading literary, scientific and artistic figures set in his impressive library and open to the public.

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The “Editions de la Revue Phénicienne” Publishing House

The Éditions de la Revue Phénicienne, founded in 1935 is now geared to support the work of the Charles Corm Foundation.

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The Phoenician Institute

As intrepid navigators and savvy traders, the Phoenicians appeared to Charles Corm as a civilization worthy of study. Today, the Phoenician Institute hopes to highlight the archeological knowledge around the Phoenicians to the public at large.

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The Friends of Trees Society

In 1936, Charles Corm kick-started Lebanon's first environmental NGO. In his founding charter he wrote, "To be friends of trees is also to be friends of water, water sources and birds; in other words - life."

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