Booking Signing

Myriam Antaki Book Signing (in French)

27 June, 2024 - 27 June, 2024

Myriam Antaki's new novel, a gripping journey through Syria and Lebanon.

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Music concert

Concert: Once upon a time in Beirut

25 June, 2024 - 25 June, 2024

When classical music meets jazz.

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Environment Awareness

Educational Garden

18 June, 2024 - 18 June, 2024

20 schools participate in the first ever garden competition.

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Round Table

The idea of Lebanon for Jamil Jabre, Amin Rihani and Charles Corm & Jacqueline Jabre exhibition

14 June, 2024 - 15 June, 2024

The idea of Lebanon according to Jabre, Rihani and Corm

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Educational Exhibition

Women Artists

27 May, 2024 - 2 June, 2024

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26 May, 2024 - 26 May, 2024

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The Perfume of Clouds – Cartoonist Zarbo at the Charles Corm Foundation

1 March, 2024 - 9 February, 2024

We are pleased to open foundation's doors to cartoonist Zarbo for his beautiful book “The Perfume of Clouds” (Le Parfum des Nuages / عطر السحاب in its original French- Arabic versions).

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Women in Lebanon’s Music History

18 February, 2024 - 18 February, 2024

Zeina Saleh Kayali, founder of the Lebanese Centre for Music Heritage and Bayt Tabaris gives a talk on women in the history of music in Lebanon.

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Art Competition

Charles Corm and Fabriano’s Art Competition

8 November, 2023 - 31 May, 2024

The Charles Corm Foundation is delighted to partner with the annual Fabriano art competition open to all students between the ages of 8 to 25 in Lebanon.

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Panel Discussion

Rediscovering Farjallah Haïk

4 October, 2023 - 4 October, 2023

A panel discussion on a somewhat forgotten Lebanese novelist of the first half of the 20th century.

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Book signing and panel discussion

Farid Chehab and AI

4 October, 2023 - 4 September, 2023

The former head of Leo Burnett for the Middle East signs his new book on AI.

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Book signing & Panel discussion

Beryt’s Lost Manuscript

4 October, 2023 - 4 September, 2023

Panel discussion on Georgine Mallat's new book.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Sindbad Actes-Sud

2 October, 2023 - 22 October, 2023

Sindbad, the prestigious imprint of the French publishing house Actes-Sud has done more to bring Arabic literature to a French speaking audience than any other publishing house.

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Book Signing

The Phoenician Alphabet by Nayla Romanos Iliya

8 June, 2023 - 8 June, 2023

The Charles Corm Foundation is happy to host the book signing of sculptor Nayla Romanos Iliya's "Phoenician Alphabet."

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Talk and Piano Concert

An evening with Liban Cinéma

24 April, 2023

The Charles Corm Foundation has the pleasure to host the Liban Cinéma organisation for a talk on music in films.

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Beirut Hotel

4 March, 2023 - 12 March, 2023

Theatrical evenings at the Charles Corm house on March 4,5, 10, 11 and 12th.

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School Outreach

A Night of Poetry

22 January, 2023 - 25 January, 2023

School children have a go at poetry reading in the house of Charles Corm

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First Edition of the “Biodiversity according to Charles Corm” Art Competition

26 December, 2022 - 27 January, 2023

The Charles Corm Foundation invites all the students who have participated in the first edition of our art competition "Biodiversity according to Charles Corm" as well as their friends and family and the public at large to come and see the fabulous art work produced for the occasion.

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The Restoration of Charles Corm’s house

22 November, 2022 - 22 November, 2023

Heavily damaged during the civil war, the house of poet and entrepreneur Charles Corm (1894-1969) with its avant-garde furniture and incredible library opens its door to the public for a new lease of life.

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The Goncourt brothers in Beirut

26 October, 2022 - 10 December, 2022

As its first event, the Charles Corm foundation hosts an exhibition around Edmond de Goncourt (1822-1896), the writer, literary critic and art collector after whom the prestigious literary prize was created.

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Student Competition

Bio-diversity competition for students

20 March, 2022 - 30 June, 2022

In his "Sentimental Cosmogony" (1949-1959), Charles Corm describes in a masterful way the fauna and flora on our planet. 11 to 18 year old students from across the country are invited to illustrate some of these poems in the media of their choice.

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Light on the Phoenicians

1 June, 2021 - 30 June, 2021

For the centenary of the Revue Phénicienne, the Phoenician Institute published in 2019 a special issue highlighting the most recent archeological discoveries relating to the Phoenicians in and around the Mediterranean.

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