School Outreach

A Night of Poetry

22 January, 2023 - 25 January, 2023

School children have a go at poetry reading in the house of Charles Corm

The Charles Corm Foundation was very pleased to host "A Night of Reading" a poetry evening organized by Carmel Saint Joseph in the Shouf. Students were invited to recite poems and texts revolving around the theme of fear.

Professor Hanadi Attieh, summed up the event brilliantly:

« From fairy tales to fantasy stories, from science fiction dystopias to detective mysteries, from tragic dramas to contemporary plays, to the personal stories that talk about our intimate and collective fears as we face so much adversity in our day to day lives, the students of the Carmel Saint Joseph explored all these genres at the beautiful Charles Corm Foundation on the night of January 21 2023. What a beautiful setting to gather and share our emotions. It is moments like these that give us the strength to face adversity - this is the cultural resistance at the heart of our mission at the Carmel Saint Joseph. »

Built as a platform for talks and exchanges, the foundation is particularly happy to host schools and events like these.

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