The Archives

A hefty corpus of archives, ranging from books and letters to periodicals, historical documents and original manuscripts form the rich archives accumulated by Charles Corm over the course of his life. Together, they offer a lively window onto Lebanon's cultural, economic and political activity in the first half of the twentieth century.

An avid reader, Charles Corm collected an impressive number of books, magazines and journals on all kinds of subjects throughout his lifetime.

Charles Corm also left a huge amount of paperwork miraculously preserved over the decades. Documents detailing his work in the supply chain for civilians in the immediate aftermath of the First World War famine to the ups and downs as the head of one of the biggest automobile companies in the Middle East. Original manuscripts, rare publications by fellow Lebanese writers as well as correspondence with historians and writers around the world illuminate us on the cultural, economic and political activity in Lebanon between the two world wars.

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Al Maarad

An English translation of the famed literary journal Al Maarad founded by the maverick man of letters Michel Zaccour.

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Archival documents

The Creation of Lebanon

An edited selection of documents from the foundation's archives revolving around the birth of "Greater Lebanon."

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