Light on the Phoenicians

1 June, 2021 - 30 June, 2021

For the centenary of the Revue Phénicienne, the Phoenician Institute published in 2019 a special issue highlighting the most recent archeological discoveries relating to the Phoenicians in and around the Mediterranean.

Throughout his life Charles Corm remained fascinated by the Phoenicians as people open to the world for trade and exchange. He considered that these fundamentally peaceful people were a shared legacy for all the Lebanese people.

The Phoenician Institute, created in 2016 within the Charles Corm Foundation, hopes to highlight the positive aspects of the Phoenicians to the public at large, through publications, exhibitions, talks and workshops,

In 2019, the Phoenician Institute revived the Revue Phénicienne for a special centenary edition showcasing the latest archeological discoveries. One can find out about the natural resources used by the Phoenicians or their mono-theistic practices along with intriguing archeological finds in the Shouf region of Lebanon.

Photo Credit: The Louvre Museum

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